Messianic Judaism is not Rabbinic (Mosaic) Judaism, nor is it Christianity! Jews who believe in Adon Yeshua HaMashiach and belong to Christian Churches or follow, practice the doctrines and creed of a Christian denomination, are Christian Jews. Even those who call themselves Messianic. But, the Messianic (authentic) Jews are the ones who practice, in fact we continue the creed practiced and transmitted by Adon Yeshua HaMashiach, i.e. Judaism in its form of Messianic Judaism (which is completely different from all Christian denominations and doctrines but also from rabbinical Judaism). He did not establish a new religion, He fulfilled and completed the Jewish creed established by Adonay Elohim in and through the Tanach (First Covenant). And since Orthodox Judaism is also called Rabbinic Judaism, being developed based on the doctrines of the Rabbis, Messianic Judaism is also called Apostolic Judaism, because it was developed by and based on the revelations, teachings and doctrines of the Jewish Shlichim / Apostles. The practical life rules of Rabbinic Judaism (established at Yavne) are contained in what is called Halachah / The Walk and the rules of life and creed in Adon Yeshua HaMashiach (established at Yerushalayim) are contained in the creed which according to the Scriptures is called HaDerech / The Way. For those interested in the teachings of the Shlichim / Apostles and the Messianic Jewish creed, they are published (for now in Romanian) on the page of Mr. Shaliach David, the president of our federation, here: https://shlichut.eu.