About us

Our community of messianic jews began in 1999 with a local messianic jewish congregation in the city of Oradea, Romania. The basis on which this community was established was the Kitvey HaKodesh (Holy Scriptures).

Officially, the first community of messianic jews was established a few years later. We currently have communities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, and in the future, we want to establish more communities both in Romania and in the surrounding countries, but also in other distant countries. In addition to establishing new local communities, we are also open to other communities or congregations who wish to join us in order to integrate into our community or collaborate with us.

We are open for cooperation, collaboration both with the jewish orthodox (Mosaic) federation or communities, with (Christian) churches and with other organizations, jewish or christian formations.

The leaders of our federation and communities are jews, and non-jews are welcomed as members, in accordance with the HaBrit HaChadashah / New Covenant. We also maintain a good relationship with the other christian denominations, with whom we participate every year in prayer meetings and other events.

The president of our messianic jewish federation is Shaliach David, who along with the other leaders and workers are the founders of our Federation. Our federation, over time, has become international. A few years after its establishment, Mr. David, the president of our federation officially entered the calling of Shaliach, Jewish Apostle of our federation according to the HaBrit HaChadashah / New Covenant.

In Oradea, Romania, the first messianic synagogue in Romania operates after the second world war. The building is in a very significant place. It is located on the street that was part of the former jewish ghetto and where the trains used to transport those of our people who were being taken to extermination. It is about 27,260 jews, including thousands of children, women and the elderly. This people fault was that they were jews. So, on this street that once meant certain death for our jewish people, there is now a messianic synagogue that means eternal life for jews and non-jews. This street is currently called “Evreilor Deportati” street.

Our federation was established with the aim of uniting the communities of messianic jews in Romania and those abroad that belong to us and to be a spiritual and doctrinal landmark that correctly represents the creed of authentic messianic judaism in Romania and abroad, where we are present or acquaintances.

Our primary goal is to restore the original creed as it was in the time of the first shlichims (Jewish apostles) with the necessary adaptation to the present times, including the 5 main ministries listed by Shaul HaShaliach (the Apostle Paul) in Ephesians 4:11., where it is written: “And He gave some: shlichim and some: prophets and some: heralds and some: shepherds and some: teachers.”

In 2019, in Oradea, the permanent exhibition about us, the messianic jews and our creed was established, for the first time in the world, in a secular museum. The exhibition is entitled: The Community of Messianic Jews.