On 26th of September 2019 in the City of Oradea, Romania we have opened the first ever Messianic Jewish permanent exhibition in a museum regarding the messianic belief. “This is from the One from above” as the director of the Museum have said when we met during the preparations of the exhibition. And truly He did this miracle! The news about it have appeared on the website of the City Hall of Oradea and also in the most read local newspapers and their websites. The exhibition rooms are situated at the beginning of the hall of the exhibition rooms of the other religions of our City. For the opening we have invited the representatives of the Orthodox Christian, Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed, Penticostal and free Churches. And also the president of the Orthodox Jewish Community among many others. We have exposed religious objects and also informative “posters” about the Messianic Jewish belief, movement and its history in Europe and Romania. Along with some main prophecies in Hebrew about HaMashiach. You can see the video about the opening here: